2. Introduction to IASA conferences

2.1 The selection of the conference host is the responsibility of the EB. Conferences normally rotate among locations between Europe and outside Europe.

2.2 The official language of IASA conferences is English. Conference organizers may arrange for simultaneous translation in any language for some or all of the sessions. IASA welcomes and encourages this arrangement. Language options are to be clearly stated in the programme.

2.3 IASA conferences have, in recent years, been developed around a main theme with suggested secondary topics. The theme and sub topics are developed in cooperation between the conference hosts and the IASA Executive Board. This permits local issues to be addressed in the context of larger themes that would be appealing to the general IASA membership.

2.4 The section and committee meetings are usually integrated in the main conference programme, and are an integral part of the conference.

2.5 In addition, a General Assembly is held annually for carrying out the business of the Association, including the election of officers to the Board. The IASA Executive Board changes every three years.