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Presentations from the Branch meeting, Copenhagen, May 26-27 2015

The Branch early history and beyond

The first step towards a IASA Nordic Branch was taken in 1982, when the broadcasting IASA members met and discussed how to get in contact with possible members of the Nordic archives and libraries1. The call was sent out in October 1983 and the first meeting was held in February 1984 in Stockholm, and about 30 persons attended. It was decided to set up working group: Poul von Linstow, Denmark; Jukka Lehesvirta, Finland; Marit Grimstad, Norway; Sven Allerstrand, Sweden, and Anna-Maria Foyer, Sweden (chairman). Two papers were presented: Jens Persson, Swedish Testing Station talked about handling and storing of sound tapes. Frede Farmand, Denmark, talked about his work with recording radio and TV programs with very high standard technical equipment2.

In 1986 a first Directory of Nordic Branch Sound Archives was compiled by Sven Allerstrand3.

In 1987 there were 29 members; 18 IASA members, 11 non IASA members. A three day meeting took place in Helsinki, Finland and Pekka Gronow (YLE) was elected chairman4.

In 1991 the Nordic Branch was opened to audiovisual archives, just as IASA was going to do. An accepted constitution described how the member countries should organize at least one meeting within their own country. Each country would elect a contact person and one of these would be elected chairman for 3 years. A Newsletter was to be made each year with contribution from all members. A separate joint Nordic meeting should be held when needed, but at least every third year. Eva Fønss-Jørgensen, Denmark, was elected chairman5.

Since 1991 the IASA Nordic Branch has had its triennial meetings, with quite good attendance. The national work differs: some have a national technical group, some have not. The Nordic Branch has no activities during the years between the Nordic meetings, and neither has any Newsletter been circulated since the late 1990ies. A website was set up at the NRK 2000, but has not survived.

The IASA Nordic Branch has also been a keen supporter of the audiovisual work in the Baltic countries. When the first Riga Seminar was planned in 2004 IASA Nordic members were actively taking part. The IASA Nordic Branch is since then a sponsor of the conferences and seminar hosted by the Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council, if not with money, at least with moral support and attending speakers. Baltic archives6 and libraries are welcomed to attend the IASA Nordic Branch meetings. Since 2000 all papers and presentations are being held in English. In 2010 there were a total of 40 institutional and individual members.

List of chairmen (later called co-coordinators) since the start:

1984   Anna-Maria Foyer, Program Archive, Sweden
1986 Stockholm, Sweden Pekka Gronow, YLE, Finland
1991 Oslo, Norway Eva Fønss-Jørgensen, Statens mediearkiv, Denmark
1994 Århus, Denmark Lasse Vihonen, YLE, Finland
1997 Helsinki, Finland Olle Johansson, ALB, Sweden
2000 Copenhagen, Denmark Bjarne Grevsgard, NRK, Norway
2003 Mo i Rana, Norway Per Dahl, Institute of Recorded Sound, Norway
Jacqueline von Arb, assistant co-coordinator, ibid
2006 Stockholm, Sweden Tarja Lehtinen, National Library, Finland
2009 Helsinki, Finland Gunnel Jönsson, SRF, Sweden
2012 Oslo, Norway Gunnel Jönsson, SRF, Sweden
2015 Copenhagen, Denmark Statsbiblioteket, Århus, Denmark (Ditte Laursen m.fl.)

Stockholm July 2011 - Gunnel Jönsson/rev 2015

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