Want to host a conference?

Want to host a conference?

As part of IASA's long-term planning, IASA's Executive Board invites submissions from those organizations or institutions that are interested in hosting a IASA conference.

Conference planning and management is a shared responsibility between the host and the IASA Board.
See the division of responsibilities: www.iasa-web.org/conference-host-responsibility

Along with the responsibility and hard work comes an opportunity to show off your institution, to introduce your colleagues to your part of the world, and a chance to focus on issues in the sound and audiovisual field that relate to your collection's particular needs. It is also an occasion to perhaps mark a significant event or anniversary, and to raise awareness of your institution and its priorities in your own locale. You will learn more than you ever thought possible about organizing an event, meet lots of interesting people and, in the end, have a great time.

To assist in organizing the conference, IASA has prepared conference guidelines, which are currently under review. If you wish, the Board will gladly circulate the conference guidelines on the understanding that they are being revised to simplify and clarify the organization, roles, and responsibilities surrounding an IASA conference.

As an organization with a truly international focus, IASA conferences have been held on different continents and in many countries, and hosted by all types of institutions and organizations. IASA's Board is open to suggestions and would welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in advancing the interests of the sound and audio visual community by hosting an IASA conference.

Expressions of interest and requests for more information should be sent to:

Secretary-General: Lynn Johnson
e.TV (PTY) Limited
4 Stirling Road
Cape Town
South Africa
Phone: +27 21 4814414
e-mail: secretary-general@iasa-web.org