What is a poster session?


What is a poster session?

A “Poster Session” is a way of giving the opportunity for members who have issues or achievements of limited interest and which are not suitable for the formalities of a conference to communicate their message in an informal manner. The hard facts of their presentation are “published” on posters adjacent to where they will deliver their message or in hand-outs.

As it is an informal format, so should the organisation. Whilst criteria for acceptance of a presentation are looser than that for presentations at the plenary sessions a power of veto will exist with the poster session coordinator. The final poster session line-up may not be finalised till the conference is under way.

Poster sessions will run in parallel with the plenary sessions and possibly during break times. They will take place in a different venue to the plenary sessions and a number of posters may be delivered in the same room or space.

How does it work?

The presenter may deliver a short informal talk or conduct a demonstration. Generally it is an informal arrangement where much of the time is taken up with queries & answers.

Delegates can drift in and out of each session, according to their interest. They become an interactive audience. The presentation, as such may only take 5, 15 or 30 minutes, but may be presented several times during the session.

What works best at a poster session?

Demonstrations, mini workshops, research presentations, representations by Association branches, topics that attract strong audience feedback/interaction and, of course, topics with niche interest.