1.G. Items without a collective title

AACR2 Glossary
A collective title is a title proper that is an inclusive title for an item containing several works.

AACR2 1.1G2, 6.1G1

See also: 5.B.4.3 If an audiovisual item contains more than one work and lacks a collective title, either describe the item as a unit or make a description for each separate work.

Based on AACR2 1.1G3
If describing an audiovisual item without a collective title as a unit, transcribe the titles of the works in the order in which they appear in the sources of information. Separate the titles of the works by semicolons when they are all by the same person(s) or emanate from the same body(ies), even if the titles are linked by a connecting word or phrase.

Cadillac ; On the count 2 3 / Broder Daniel

Clock symphony, no. 101 ; Surprise symphony, no. 94 / Haydn

Fantasy for solo violin ; Piece for oboe and piano / Robin Bradley

Colgate Palmolive cavalcade. Episode 135 ; Protex programme. Episode 338
(Radio transcription disc with episodes from different series )

[Viva Berkenshaw ; Works of Liszt ; The virtuoso / performed by the Malvern Municipal Band]

When the same information is repeated (e.g. the title or statement of responsibility appears on all labels of a multipart work) do not repeat this information in the transcription. Stevie to the rescue / Jill Mellion


Stevie to the rescue. Parts 1-8 / Jill Mellion

(Commercial release on 4 discs available in a special decorative album)


Stevie to the rescue. Part 1 ; Stevie to the rescue. Part 2 ; Stevie to the rescue. Part 3 ; Stevie to the rescue. Part 4 ; Stevie to the rescue. Part 5 ; Stevie to the rescue. Part 6 ; Stevie to the rescue. Part 7 ; Stevie to the rescue. Part 8 / Jill Mellion


Stevie to the rescue. Parts 1-2, 7-8 / Jill Mellion
(Two discs missing, and only two discs are being catalogued)

Life with Dexter. Episodes 001-002


Life with Dexter. Episode 001 ; Life with Dexter. Episode 002
(Radio transcription disc containing 2 consecutive episodes of a serial )

Beau ideal. Episodes 1, 3


Beau ideal. Episode 1 ; Beau ideal. Episode 3
(Radio transcription disc with non-consecutive episodes) 1.G.4.
AACR2 1.1G3, 6.1G2

If the individual works are by different persons or emanate from different bodies, or in case of doubt, follow the title of each work by its parallel title (s) and other title information, and statement(s) of responsibility. Separate the groups of data with a full stop followed by two spaces. Prelude, the afternoon of a faun / Claude Debussy. Peer Gynt (Suite) no. 1-2 / Edvard Grieg. Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche / Richard Strauss

Dreamboat / Linzer ; [performed by] Limmie & Family Cookin'. Made in heaven / Levine, Russell Brown ; [performed by] Limmie & Family Cookin'

Label side A: Dreamboat
Limmie & Family Cookin'
Label side B: Made in heaven
(Levine-Russell Brown)
Limmie & Family Cookin'

Developed from ISBD (NBM)
When the number of individual works is very large, the first three titles may be given followed by the mark of omission
( .). The complete list of titles may be given in a contents note (see 7.B.25) or separately described (see Chapter 9).  

Dixit Dominus, RV 594 ; Stabat mater, RV 261 ; Gloria in D major, RV 588 ...

Based on NFSA MAVIS data Entry Guidelines. Title Entry (3/97) Alternatively, for compilations of unpublished and broadcast items without a common theme, give the first title or the title of the predominant work followed by a suitable term to indicate that other works are in the compilation. The complete list of titles may be given in a contents note (see 7.B.25) or separately described (see Chapter 9).

There's only one of you ; [Other songs] / Jimmy Henney Combo
Note: Contents: There's only one of you -- Don't go home -- Sugar moon -- Padre

So happy today / Willa Hokin, soprano. [Other recordings]
Note: Except for Willa Hokin, all performers and presenters heard on this programme are unidentified.
Contents: So happy today -- End of unidentified skit -- "It's all yours" radio programme theme song -- Spoken credits for "It's all yours"
(Incomplete details of a broadcast, where only one disc is held and remaining discs are missing. The title of the first song is given as title proper. All contents of the disc are given in the contents note.)

Developed from FIAF
When a compilation of unpublished or broadcast works lacks a collective title and it is possible to supply a suitable collective title, do so. Enclose the title in square brackets. This may be based on a common subject or may be a fonds or collection name. Where a production or other control number would assist in differentiating between other similar compilations, for instance in stock shot libraries, include this information.

[Works by Fritz Hart]
(Compilation of works composed by Fritz Hart)

[Hawaiian Islands]
(A compilation of 26 films)

[Hutchinson, John. Bird calls collection]
(Preservation tapes of bird call recordings collected by John Hutchinson)

[Fonds Geneviève Massignon. French songs from Acadie. Canada. (1964-1972)]

[4BH historic events compilation. Tape S59]

Similarly, in the event that the archive or cataloguing agency may create compilation tapes from various original recordings, e.g. as ready reference material for audition by clients, include a suitable term to indicate this.

[The French Revolution : excerpts]

[French singers from 1958 to 1976 : edited broadcast excerpts]

[The Gulf War : edited broadcast excerpts]

[Best conceived radio commercials of 1959-1960 : in-house compilation]  

Developed from FIAF

In the case of a collection of unedited material which does not relate to a specific theme, construct a form title commencing with the term Unedited.

[Unedited. MacMillan Collection. Assorted scenes]

[Unedited. Kleine collection footage]

Alternatively, if a more specific entry is required in the title, move the term Unedited to another more suitable position.

[MacMillan Collection. Assorted scenes. Unedited]

[Kleine Collection. Unedited footage]