IASA Award of Recognition

A Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Service to IASA is awarded to IASA members during the Annual Conference:

2023 Pio Pellizzari In recognition of extraordinary contributions to the advancement of education and training in audio and video heritage preservation, and for exemplary leadership in promoting and raising awareness of IASA. Tribute.
2022 Ilse Assmann For significant contributions to the IASA community and passionate dedication to the advancement of audiovisual archives and preservation, and for tireless support of individuals and institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. Tribute.
2018 Carl Fleischhauer For services supporting the preservation of global audiovisual heritage, vision and perseverance in the coordination and compilation of IASA-TC 06, and leadership in the advancement and recognition of IASA. Tribute
2017 Rainer Lotz For his numerous important  contributions to the knowledge and protection of the audiovisual heritage especially with regard to discography.
2016 Guy Maréchal For leadership in the establishment of the IASA Organising Knowledge Committee, advocacy in international initiatives in semantic technologies, innovation in information management of sound and audiovisual collections, and the vision to see a connected world.
2015 Kevin Bradley For services to the advancement of preservation of the audio and video heritage, and leadership in the advancement and recognition of IASA. Tribute
2014 Lars Gaustad For services in the advancement of the preservation of Sound and Audiovisual materials. Tribute
2013 Richard Green For ongoing contributions to the sound archiving community, and exemplary service to the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives. Tribute
2012 Shubha Chaudhuri For leadership in the development of small-scale sound and audiovisual archives, for contributions to international debate and agreements in archival understandings and approaches, and continuing advocacy for Rajasthani folk musics.
2011 George Boston For valuable contributions in promoting and furthering IASA business over a period of nearly 3 decades. Tribute written by Kevin Bradley
2010 Anthony Seeger Advocacy for the cause of audiovisual archives, communities and music. Tribute
2009 Kurt Deggeller Significant contributions in coordinating and creating an international presence for sound and audiovisual archives.
2008 Grace Koch Significant contributions to the development and dissemination of professional standards.
2007 Crispin Jewitt For significant contributions in promoting a broader vision for IASA and as ambassador to external associations culminating in his success as Convenor of the CCAAA since 2002.
2006 Chris Clark Cataloguing and documentation standards.
2005 Dietrich Schüller & Albrecht Häfner For training.
2004 Technical Committee The publication “Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects” (IASA-TC 04).