EuropeanaEuropeana is the internet portal to over 58 million books, paintings, sound recordings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe.






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Europeana Sounds

Europeana SoundsEuropeana Sounds was a EC-funded project, running from 2014-2017, that greatly improved the discovery of and access to Europe’s rich digital sound and music collections, by enriching metadata and by doubling the number of sounds and audio-related digital items on the Europeana web portal, and creating a thematic collection for music:

The project created a sustainable "best practice network" including the 24 funded project partner institutions from 12 EU member states, and worked with the IASA Board and membership to create a IASA Europeana network. If you wish to become part of the network, visit the Europeana Sounds Task Force, established by IASA in October 2015 to sustain the activities of the project in the long term. See



EUscreenXL is the successor to EUscreen and Video Active. The project, funded by the European Commission's ICT-PSP programme, ran from 2013 to 2016. It provides Europeana with 1,000,000 television and other archival moving image metadata records for materials that archives and broadcasters make available online. The project also adds 20,000 high quality contextualised television history materials to the EUscreen portal.

EUscreenXL is run by the EUscreen Foundation, which works in close collaboration with IASA and advocates for improved online access to audiovisual heritage. It is the European aggregator for moving image materials. If you want to make your online collections findable through Europeana, you are welcome to join the network and contact Erwin Verbruggen at

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  • A presentation by Albrecht Haefner given at the IASA 2010 annual conference on the benefits and progress of Europeana (PowerPoint file, 1.45 MB).
  • Europeana Professional is a rich source of information on projects, partners, processes, press and participation in Europeana:
  • For the latest developments at Europeana, including topics of general and technical interest and updates from its partners, you may subscribe to the Europeana eNews.

If you wish to contribute to one of the Europeana shared groups, then has details of Content and Technology Providing Projects.