IASA publications

IASA publishes in hard copy and electronically a range of standards, guidelines, databases, newsletters and journals.

  1. Special publications (available in different language and paper/electronic versions):
    1. IASA-TC 03 (2017) The Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy
    2. IASA-TC 04 (2009) Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects
    3. IASA-TC 05 (2014) Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers
    4. IASA-TC 06 (2019) IASA-TC 06 Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings
    5. Ethical Principles for Sound and Audiovisual Archives (2010)
  2. IASA Journal
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  4. Translation of publications guidelines

Older IASA publications from our archives

  1. Periodicals:
    1. Information Bulletin (1997-2009)
    2. Bulletins and newsletters (2006-2013, IASA Members only)
    3. IASA Phonographic Bulletin (1971-1993)
  2. Special publications:
    1. IASA Cataloguing Rules (1999) / Reglas de Catalogación de IASA (2005)
    2. Task Force on Selection for Digital Transfer (2003)
    3. An Archive Approach to Oral History (1978)
    4. Sound Archives: A Guide to Their Establishment and Development (1983)
    5. Selection in Sound Archives (1984)
    6. Costs of storage in sound archives (1989)
    7. Measurements of stray magnetic fields in sound archives (1980)
  3. Papers on polymer decay:
    1. The deterioration of polymers in audio-visual materials (1990)
    2. Recent developments in decomposition and preservation of magnetic tape (1992)
    3. Restoration of tapes with a polyester urethane binder (1992)
    4. The decay of polymers in information storage carriers (1995)