Technical Committee

Chair: George Blood
George Blood Audio/Video/Film/Data
502 W. Office Center Drive
Fort Washington, PA 19034

Vice-chair: Nadja Wallaszkovits
Phonogrammarchiv der Österreichischen
Akademie der Wissenschaften
Liebiggasse 5
A-1010 Vienna
Tel: +43 (1) 4277 29602
Fax: +43 (1) 4277 9296  

Secretary: [vacant]


Officers of the Technical Committee (chairpersons, secretaries) are elected within the committee. The committees exclusively decide on the objects and tasks they deal with.

The Technical Committee devotes itself to all technical aspects of sound and audiovisual recordings. This includes the actual recording processes, optimisation of reproduction of historical and modern recordings, transfer and digitisation technologies, standards and storage technologies, software and carriers. The Technical Committee is concerned with the preservation of sound and audiovisual media and technically sustainable approaches to future access.

The creation of special publications enabling the AV archive community to take educated decisions regarding this, is a main concern of the committee.

The Technical Committee has delivered several papers, which serve as technical guidelines, in the series 'Standards, Recommended Practices and Strategies'. IASA TC 07 Guidelines for the Preservation of Born Digital Video is currently being planned.

The Committee has also made available online several older publications that remain in demand as valued guides.

IASA Members who have declared interest in this group (IASA members access)

IASA members may apply to join the IASA Technical Committee (Membership of the Technical Committee requires a formal application; other IASA Committees and Sections are open to all). Note: The Technical Committee is not accepting applications at this time.