Future IASA Conferences

IASA Conference & 4th ICTM Forum, Istanbul, 11-15 September 2023
2024 venue and dates to be confirmed  


Past IASA conferences


Want to host a conference?

As an organization with a truly international focus, IASA conferences have been held on different continents and in many countries, and hosted by all types of institutions and organizations. IASA's Board is open to suggestions and would welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in advancing the interests of the sound and audio visual community by hosting an IASA conference.

To assist in organizing a conference, IASA has prepared conference planning guidelines. Conference planning and management is a shared responsibility between the host and the IASA Board: See www.iasa-web.org/conference-planning-guidelines/5-conference-organizers-...

Expressions of interest and requests for more information should be sent to: secretary-general@iasa-web.org