The Dietrich Schüller Award for Audiovisual Training

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The Dietrich Schüller Award for Audiovisual Training: Call for applications

The Dietrich Schüller Award for Audiovisual Training was announced for the first time at the 2019 IASA conference in Hilversum, the Netherlands. This new Award is named in honour of the long-standing IASA member Dr. Dietrich Schüller, in recognition of his major contributions to the development of audiovisual archiving standards and for his passionate advocacy for and participation in training in audiovisual archiving practises worldwide.

Audiovisual training can sometimes be expensive, and for some IASA members, costs may be prohibitive especially if no training is available locally. This Award is intended to provide opportunities for professional development where it is most needed.


  1. Only current IASA members may apply for this Award.
  2. The Award is financed by IASA and is intended to offset the costs of receiving training in AV archiving.
  3. The Award is not necessarily intended to cover all costs and applicants must explain how any other costs will be funded.
  4. The Award may not be used to attend training at IASA conferences (IASA provides separate Travel Awards to support conference attendance)
  5. The training may cover any aspect of sound or moving image archiving, including the care of, access to, and long term preservation of sound and audiovisual heritage.
  6. If requested, the applicant may be asked to furnish evidence that the training applied for is of a sufficiently professional standard
  7. Applicants need to state in their application why the training is the most relevant for their needs.
  8. The Award money may be used to cover travel (including international travel, if required), accommodation, per diem costs, course fees and/or materials.
  9. The amount awarded to any applicant will be limited to €1,000
  10. More than one award may be issued in a year if the budget allows. The total amount of the Awards in any one year will be limited to €2,000
  11. Applicants who are unsuccessful may submit applications in future years.
  12. Successful applicants are ineligible for future Dietrich Schüller Awards.
  13. IASA promotes diversity in the audiovisual archiving field and encourages applications from developing countries. Preference will be given to applicants from less developed countries (as defined by the World Bank criterion at
  14. Applications must be submitted in English
  15. Applications will be assessed by the IASA Board.
  16. Applicants will be notified within 3 weeks of submission of the outcome of their application.
  17. In order to allow sufficient time to plan for training attendance, (including booking travel, visas and accomodation), applicants are urged to apply as far in advance as possible for an award.
  18. Recipients of an Award are asked to submit a short report to the IASA Board after the training ends, this report will be shared on the IASA blog or website.
  19. Payment of the Award will only be made available after submission of copies of official invoices from the trainer
  20. Award recipients are required to provide proof of attendance.

To apply: please complete all fields in the form below then press the 'Submit' button. (Note: the form is only visible to logged-in IASA members).