IASA Special and Technical Publications

Some IASA technical publications listed below are available online for free, others may be purchased from our web shop. IASA Members may also download free PDF versions of many titles. If you are not a Member, why not join IASA?

(a) IASA special publications: Standards, Recommended Practices and Strategies

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IASA-TC 03 (2017, 4th edition) The Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy ( English) Web (free)
IASA-TC 03 (2017, 4th edition) Die Bewahrung audiovisueller Dokumente: Ethische Aspekte, Prinzipien und Strategien ( Deutsch)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 03 (2017, 4th edition) A Salvaguarda do Patrimônio Audiovisual: Ética, Princípios e Estratégia de Preservação ( Português)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 03 (2017, 4th edition) La salvaguarda del patrimonio audiovisual: ética, principios y estrategia de preservación ( Español)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 03 (2017, 4th edition) Uchování audiovizuálního dědictví: etika, principy a strategie uchovávání ( čeština (Czech))   Web (free)
IASA-TC 03 (2022, 4th edition)  حماية التراث السمعي البصري: الأخلاقيات والمبادئ واستراتيجية الحفظ ( Arabic)    
IASA-TC 03 (2005, 3rd edition) The Safeguarding of the Audio Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy    
IASA-TC 04 (2009, 2nd edition) Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects  (English) Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2015, 2nd edition) Recommandations pour la production et la conservation des objets audionumériques (Français) Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2011, 2nd edition) Directrices para la producción y preservación de objetos digitales de audio (Español) Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2012, 2nd edition) Directrius per a la producció i preservació d'objectes d'àudio digital  (Català)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2019, 2nd edition) 数字音频对象制作 和保存指南 (中文)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2022, 2nd edition)  إرشادات حول إنتاج الكائنات الصوتية الرقمية وحفظها  ( Arabic)    
IASA-TC 05 (2014) Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers (English) Web (free)
IASA TC 05 (2019) Behandlung und Lagerung von Audio- und Videoträgern (Deutsch)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 05 (2016) Gestione e archiviazione dei supporti audio e video (Italiano)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 05 (2015) Manejo y almacenamiento de soportes de audio y de video (Español)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 05 (2022)  التعامل مع ناقلات الصوت والفيديو وتخزينها ( Arabic)    
IASA-TC 06 (2019) Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings (English)    
IASA-TC 06 (2022)  إرشادات لحفظ تسجيلات الفيديو  ( Arabic)    

(b) Other special publications - each is available free online on this website. Some are also available for purchase as PDFs (free to IASA members):

  1. An Archive Approach to Oral History (1978)
  2. Ethical Principles for Sound and Audiovisual Archives (2010)
  3. IASA Cataloguing Rules (1999) / Reglas de Catalogación de IASA (2005)
  4. Task Force on Selection for Digital Transfer (2003)
  5. Selection in Sound Archives (1984)
  6. Sound Archives: A Guide to Their Establishment and Development (1983)