1. About these Guidelines

1.1 The annual conference is the focal point of IASA’s year. IASA is a volunteer organization and these guidelines provide a sense of continuity that is essential in an organization where the Board can change every three years.

1.2 These guidelines are not rules; they are guidelines that can be adapted to local circumstances to develop a conference that will have wide appeal to IASA’s members and to answer questions about and provide assistance with putting on a IASA conference. The IASA Board is always open to suggestions from the local organizers and from the membership at large.

1.3 This document reflects the corporate knowledge about conferences that has developed in IASA in its more than 50 years of existence.

1.4 The guidelines proposed here are designed to assist with planning of IASA conferences. They are aimed at assisting three specific groups:

  • IASA conference hosts, both the committed and the prospective;
  • IASA Executive Board (EB);
  • The general IASA membership and conference participants, be they speakers or delegates.

1.5 The guidelines are broken into eleven sections and two appendices:

  • Sections 1 - 4: a broad overview on IASA conferences and the guidelines;
  • Sections 5 and 11: the responsibilities of the local organizers and IASA;
  • Section 6: the overall conference planning and organization;
  • Section 7: the conference programme structure;

Those thinking of hosting a IASA conference need to carefully review all sections above, as well as the Appendices.

  • Sections 8 – 11 give more detail on specific aspects of conference planning particularly for the IASA EB.

1.6 Allowance is made for IASA solo conferences and conferences shared with another international or regional association whose aims are similar to those of IASA. Possible Co-Host Associations lists a number of these associations.