6.B. Title proper of series

AACR2 1.6B, 6.6B

6.B.1. AACR2 1.6B1

If an item is issued or broadcast in a series , transcribe the title proper of the series as instructed in 1.B.

Area 1: Nils Karlsson Pyssling
(Astrid Lindgren läser själv)

Area 1: Three tenors
(Great voices of the century)

Area 1: Friede auf Erden, op. 13
(Europäische Chormusik aus fünf Jahrhunderten)

Area 1: Die Streichholzschachtel, oder, Ursprünge philosophischen Denkens
(10 Minuten Denken, oder, Philosophie im Alltag)

Area 1: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester, F-Dur, KV 459 (Konzertsaison 1995/96)

Area 1: Introduktion till Windows 95
(Datautbildning på video)

6.B.2. Based on AACR2 1.6B2

If different forms of the title of the series (other than parallel titles) appear, choose the form which predominates or appears to be most consistently used in the sources of information, or the form cited in a scholarly reference work, if there is one available.