8.C. Optional addition. Terms of availability

Where a cataloguing agency or archive has responsibility for publishing a current national record of production (e.g. national discography, national bibliography of audiovisual recordings) it may be necessary to include the price or other terms of availability for publicly distributed or published material.

8.C.1.AACR2 1.8D1

Give the terms on which the item is available. These terms consist of the price (given in numerals with standard symbols) if the item is for sale, or a brief statement of other terms if the item is not for sale.


Free to the students of the university

For hire ISBD (NBM) 8.3.2Optionally, when the terms of availability need qualification, give one briefly.

£1.00 (£0.50 to members)

DKK 100 (DKK 50 to students)

If there is no number, give the terms of availability before any qualification.

Copies may be ordered from F. Povah, PO Wollar, NSW, 2850 (cassette)

$15 (CD)