AES Conference on Audio Archiving, Preservation & Restoration

28 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018
Virginia, USA

Audio Engineering Society
2018 AES Conference on Audio Archiving, Preservation & Restoration

28-30 June 2018
US Library of Congress National Audio Visual Conservation Center,
Culpeper, Virginia, USA

This conference will present a remarkable opportunity to bring researchers and practitioners together for three days to discuss critical preservation issues and focus on strategies that will support and encourage collaboration and interoperability between industry and the preservation, restoration and archiving communities.

Some important themes will be addressed:
• Physical/object based preservation & material science
• Handling and storage of audio carriers
• New trends in material research
• Preservation by digitization
• Mechanical vs. optical transfer
• Magnetic media
• Digitization, and restoration of historical obsolete disc formats
• Preservation issues for emerging high-end audio formats
• Preserving legacy professional formats
• Multi- track tapes and obsolete digital formats
• Storage and access technology
• Current state and future development of digital archives
• Role of archives in preserving commercial audio
• Meta data
• Aesthetic considerations in digital restoration of historical audio
• Public/Private collaboration for preservation and access
• Considerations for archiving in preserving commercial audio, collaborative
performance, virtual reality, and born digital assets
• Tour of the NAVCC

Our conference committee brings ample experience and industry bona fides within the academic, scientific and professional audio archiving, preservation and restoration communities.
• John Krivit - Conference Chair
• Nadja Wallaszkovits- Co-Program Chair
• David Ackerman- Co-Program Chair
• Brad McCoy- Facilities Chair & Liaison to the Library of Congress
• Bruce Gordon- Conference Treasurer
• George Massenburg- Advisory
• Elizabeth Cohen- Advisory
• Toby Seay-Co-Papers Chair
• Konrad Strauss-Co-Papers Chair
• Rebecca Feynberg - Marketing & Promotions Chair