1/4" Audio Heads available again.

An apology for those who might think that they were caught by buying audioheads from NOA in 2013.

Short story: AM Belgium produces again audio heads.

Long story: In 2013 AM Belgium contacted several "known" clients that they will stop their activities
with producing audio heads: Machines can not be serviced anymore, people with the knowledge of doing audio heads
have left the company due to pension or have died. In that context NOA has started a worldwide invitation to help organising a joint order for this "last call" - several hundred heads were ordered.
Delivery was extremely long, specifically VitroVac heads caused problems as they had - instead of 8 weeks - some 8 months
turnaround time. Main argument: People which in fact are in pension became ill, and so there is no possibility to redo
these heads in a meaningful amount of time. And the other who were dead could not help (or something like that :-) )
Finally, we all felt lucky to have filled our stocks and felt pity for those who did not.
Three weeks ago, I got a call from AMB whether we would be interested in asking for heads. As answer to my quite hilarious "But why ? I thought, that... ... ... ... ???"
I got a : "Well we have constructed a new enterprise in Romania, thus the machines used in Belgium are not so heavily in production and therefore can also be used for things which are more complicated to do. And the people in pension are eager to work, as pension is boring" and "no they are not dead" or the same.

So for those who have not participated in 2013 and who might think: "Well I knew it, if I need them there will be a way", there is a small thing: the heads got more expensive. But it is still possible. We have right now asked for 40 more Vitrovac - heads, and those who want to join are welcome to do so.
And apologies: In 2013 this was really no trick to profit on the fear of a sale.
The good side of the story: It is still possible to get them...
(and to order some through NOA, if you have needs)

best regards

Christophe from NOA