1/4" audio heads - new launch

Since NOA discovered in February last year that "AM Belgium" resumed production of Studer heads (see also entries below), we were able to offer several brand-new heads to members of IASA - at a cheaper price, thanks to a mass ordering.

More than a year has passed  and we got several demands from different sides to restart such a joint order. Also our stock is empty and we would like to take the opportunity to repeat the joint action again and offer you to take advantage of another collective order for Studer heads.

The order is comprised of VITROVAC (not MuMetal, VitroVac has a much longer life Exceptancy) heads compatible to following machine types:

  • A80, A807, A810, A812, A816, A820 (all ¼")

Two types of heads will be available:

  • 1/4" with 2 mm separation track
    • Gap Size (OPTICAL): 3 µm
  • 1/4" with 0.75 mm separation track (butterfly)
    • Inductance @ 1 kHz: 250 mH  +/-20%
    • DC Resistance 150 Ohm +/- 20%
    • Core Material: Vitrovac
    • Gap Size (OPTICAL): 3 µm

Price per head will be € 450,- (if order reaches 50+).

Heads will be delivered without MuMetal housing, existing  housings need to be reused.

Please contact my colleague Manuel Corn for more information and orders: m.corn@noa-archive.com

Final orders will only be taken into account if they arrive in writing until 19.08.2016.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards, 



a note to the gap size: from the previous delivery of the same kind, we got reported that the gap sizes are at practically 2,8 µm, the manufacturer tends to be very conservative in his estimations.