IASA journal No 41, September 2013

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  1. Editorial & President’s Letter
  2. Copyright vs Accessibility: The Challenge of Exploitation
    Retha Buys, Ilse Assmann
  3. Digital Community Archives for Vernacular Musics: Cases from India
    Aditi Deo
  4. Introducing High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship
    Tanya Clement, David Tcheng, Loretta Auvil, Tony Borries
  5. The recovery of Eyebeam Art+Technology Center’s multimedia collection following Superstorm Sandy, a case study
    Kara Van Malssen
  6. Survey: Adoption of Published Standards in Cylinder and 78rpm Disc Digitization
    Aaron L. Rosenblum, Gordon Burr, Catherine Guastavino
  7. Archiving India: Developing Sustainable Local Content
    Aditi Worcester
  8. Best Practice Lessons Learnt: How the Exit Interview and Oral History Project at the United Nations Mission in Sudan is building a knowledge database
    Tom A. Adami, Anwar Y. Hassan, Craig A. Kadoda, Ahmed Mutagubya