10. Linguistics

(a) General Works on Linguistics

Fowler, R. Understanding Language; London: Routledge and Kegan Paul; 1974

Fromkin, V. and Rodman, R. An Introduction to Languages; New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston; second edition; 1978

Stork, E.C. and Widdowson, J.D.A. Learning About Linguistics: An Introductory Workbook; London: Hutchinson Educational; 1974

Minnis, Noel (Ed.) Linguistics at Large; St. Albans, Hertfordshire: Paladin; 1973 (fourteen linguistic lectures presented to a general audience by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 1969-70, including well known contributors such as Basil Bernstein, Edmund Leach, John Lyons, Randolph Quink, George Steiner, Peter Strawson, and Stephen Ullmann)

Sebeok, T. (Ed.) Current Trends in Linguistics; The Hague: Mouton; 14 Vols. 1963-1976 (this enormous compendium covers all geographical areas as regards linguistics and most general linguistic topics)

(b) Works on Language in Relation to Culture and Society

Ardener, E. (Ed.) Social Anthropology and Language; London: Tavistock; 1971

Bauman, R. and Scherzer, J. (Eds.) Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 1974

Hyrnes, D. (Ed.) Language in Culture and Society: A Reader in Linguistics and Anthropology; New York: Harper and Row; 1964

Shopen, T. (Ed.) Languages and Their Speakers; Cambridge, Mass.: Winthrop; 1979

Shopen, T. (Ed.) Languages and Their Status; Cambridge, Mass.: Winthrop; 1974 (these two volumes edited by Shopen provide an introduction for the general reader to a wide range of languages and to their social functions)

(c) Works on Linguistic Areas

Studies of various linguistic areas are of considerable value in providing a general orientation for collectors and in deciding on the content of the data to be deposited in the archive. A few works are given here as examples but other areas are covered in the previously mentioned compendium edited by T. Sebeok.


Polome, E.C. and Hill, C.P. (Eds.) Language in Tanzania; London: Oxford University Press; 1980 (a guide giving basic information on languages in Tanzania as well as wider issues such as language in education and language use in Tanzania. This is one of the Ford Foundation Language Surveys which, in Africa, have already covered Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia as well as Tanzania)

Welmers, W. Linguistics Structures of Africa; Berkeley: University of California Press; 1973 (a general orientation to the grammatical structure of some African languages)


Black, P. and Walsh, M. Prominent Australian Languages; Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies; forthcoming (a brief account of the linguistic situation in Australia)

Blake, B. Australian Aboriginal Languages: An Introduction; Sydney: Angus and Robertson; 1981 (a useful guide for the general reader)

Dixon, R.M.W. The Languages of Australia; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 1980 (a valuable overview for the general reader but also suitable for the more advanced linguist)

Dixon, R.M.W. and Blake, B.J. (Eds.) Handbook of Australian Languages; Canberra: Australian National University Press and Amsterdam: John Benjamins; Vol.l, 1979; Vol.2, 1981 (a collection of sketch descriptions of Australian languages in parallel format)

Wurm, S.A. (Ed.) Australian Linguistic Studies; Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, C-S4; 1979 Ca collection of recent studies on a variety of topics dealing with Australian languages)

New Guinea

Wurm, S.A.(Ed.) Papuan Languages and the New Guinea Linguistic Scene New Guinea Area Languages and Language Study, Vol. l); Canberra: Pacific Linguistics,C-38; 1975 (reprinted 1977)

Wurm, S.A. (Ed.) Austronesian Languages (New Guinea Languages and Language Study, Vol.2); Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, C-39; 1976 (reprinted 1979)

Wurm, S.A. (Ed.) Language, Culture, Society, and the Modern World (New Guinea Area Languages and Language Study, Vol.3); Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, C-40; 1977 (2 fascicles)

(d) Guides to Field Linguistics

Samarin, W. Field Linguistics: A Guide to Linguistic Field Work; New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston; 1967 (a good general guide)

Sherzer, J. and Damell, R. 'Outline guide for the ethnographic study of speech use' in Gumperz, J. and Hymes, D. (Eds.) Directions in Sociolinguistics: The Ethnograph of Communication; New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston; 1972 a useful guide for the study of language in day-to-day use; the rest of the volume merits attention and includes a valuable guide to further reading)

Sutton, P. and Walsh, M. Revised Linguistic Fieldwork Manual for Australia; Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies; 1979 (an example of a fieldwork guide designed for a particular area)

Thomas, D. Notes and Queries on Linguistic Analysis (Language Data, Asian-Pacific Series No. 10); Huntington Beach, California: Summer Institute of Linguistics; 1975