9.1.10 Summary  In summarising preservation planning, it is strongly recommended that holders of audiovisual collections take the present need for preserving their holdings as an occasion to rethink their overall strategy: All scenarios, from total withdrawal from preservation responsibility,through cooperating in or outsourcing of signal extraction and digital long-term preservation, to taking full autonomous responsibility, should be examined. Each collection is different and institutions are embedded in a variety of environments. These multiple scenarios, which also change over time according to technical development, will make it difficult to decide on a purely economic basis. Generally, all holders of audiovisual collections, specifically of small collections, are strongly encouraged to seek cooperative relationships to manage their preservation requirements. The extent to which responsibility for signal extraction and digital long-term preservation is accepted in-house, should be linked to the general mission of that institution or collection. Memory institutions may decide differently from research collections, which have a strong interest in the availability of audio documents but whose core business does not necessarily include the processes that guarantee their further survival.