Announcement: SEAPAVAA’s 26th Conference

ANNOUNCEMENT: SEAPAVAA’s 26th General Assembly (2–31 May 2022) and 26th Conference (19–21 July 2022) 

Happy holiday greetings from the SEAPAVAA Executive Council (EC)! 

It has been a fervent hope of everyone that we would be able to meet in person in 2022. However, with the continued development of the pandemic situation, bringing with it evolving travel restrictions and differing quarantine protocols, the EC concluded that it is prudent and realistic for SEAPAVAA’s 26th Conference to be held virtually from 19–21 July 2022. 

The 2022 SEAPAVAA Conference was scheduled to be held in the Pacific. As such, the virtual Conference will have a special focus on issues and challenges faced by Pacific members. Specific details relating to the virtual conference will be shared in early 2022. 

SEAPAVAA’s 26th General Assembly (GA) will be held electronically from 2–31 May 2022. You will be receiving details on the e-GA in due course. 

We also invite you to check out SEAPAVAA’s YouTube Channel where you can access recordings of the virtual 25th Conference sessions. Recordings of future conferences will be uploaded on the SEAPAVAA YouTube Channel for greater accessibility. 

We hope to see SEAPAVAA members and colleagues at next year’s virtual Conference and look forward to your participation in the e-GA. 

Take care and stay safe. 
Posted on behalf of SEAPAVAA Executive Council (2020 – 2023)