4.B. Copyright statement

4.B.1. The first element of the copyright statement is the word copyright followed by a colon and a space.

4.B.2. Give the name of the copyright owner as it appears in the sources of information. Enclose any information about supposed or unspecified rights holders in square brackets. Where available include the date of copyright or p notice. Do not include any indication of country unless it is relevant to copyright registration (see 4.C). Copyright: Black Saint

Copyright: HAT HUT Records Ltd

Copyright: [various British and American radio stations - see individual item s]

Copyright: BBC

Copyright: Richard Margoschis

Copyright: Willow Music ; p 1987

4.B.3. If it is evident that the item is not protected by copyright (e.g. the period for which copyright endured on the item has expired), give:  Copyright: [public domain]

4.B.4. If copyright in the item is unknown, either give no statement at all or give:
 Copyright: [unknown]