4.A. Preliminary rule

4.A.1. Punctuation
Based on FIAF 4.1.1
Precede this area by a full stop, space, dash, space or start a new paragraph (. - )

The punctuation should follow the order and format of copyright documentation for countries which have registration systems.

For countries that do not have registration systems, precede the date by a space, semi-colon, space ( ; )

4.A.2. Sources of information
See also: 0.A.1.3, 9.0.B.2,

4.A.2.1. For published sound recordings, take the information from the container packaging and/or the label. For recorded music, copyright ownership statements are normally to be found on the packaging preceded by a p within a circle and a date expressed as a year (normally only the symbol and the date appear on the label). Note that copyright statements preceded by a small c in a circle, ©, which appear on the packaging refer almost invariably to aspects of the packaging itself or to accompanying documentation such as sleeve notes. Do not include such statements here for sound recordings.

4.A.2.2. If there is no p notice or similar sign visible on the published item leave this area blank.

4.A.2.3. For broadcast recordings, take the information from any relevant source.

4.A.2.4. For published videorecordings (where the copyright date rather than the p notice normally applies), take the information from the title frames or from the packaging.

4.A.2.5. For unpublished recordings, take the information from any relevant source, though typically this will be held in documentation accompanying the recording or the collection to which it belongs, for example a deposit agreement form.