6.E. Statements of responsibility relating to series

AACR2 1.6E

See also: 6.H.3

6.E.1.AACR2 1.6E1

Transcribe statements of responsibility appearing in conjunction with the series title only if they are considered to be necessary for identification of the series. Follow the instructions in 1.F when transcribing a statement of responsibility relating to a series.

Area 1: Marriage of Figaro
(Historical records / Jack L. Caidin)

Area 1: Thou art so like a flower
(The Columbia history of music by ear and eye / by Percy Scholes)

Area 1: Josef Strauss
(Die goldene Zeit der Wiener Musik = The Golden Age of Viennese Music / Leitung Robert Stolz)

Area 1: Bryggeren : 1864-1867
(Bryggeren : dansk tv-serie / af Kaspar Rostrup)