6.H. Subseries

AACR2 1.6H, Glossary

See also: 1.B.9.3.1, 6.A.1 A subseries is a series within a series (i.e. a series that always appears in conjunction with another, usually more comprehensive, series of which it forms a section). Its title may or may not be dependent on the title of the main series.  

6.H.1.Expanded from AACR2 1.6H1

If an item is one of a subseries and both the series and the subseries are named in the sources of information, give the details of the main series (see 6.A-6.G) first and follow them with the name of the subseries and the details of that subseries . Precede the subseries with a full stop and a space.

Area 1: Ungarske folkesange
(Béla Bartók complete edition. Vocal music)

Area 1: Der Gefangene ; Heimatlos ...
(Europäische Chormusik aus fünf Jahrhunderten. Ungarische Chormusik)

Area 1: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester, D-dur, KV 537, "Krönungskonzert"
(Konzertsaison 1995/96. Sonderkonzert ; 2)
(Here the title of the main series is Konzertsaison 1995/96)

Area 1: Die Zeitung
(Der Kurztext in der Morgenmusik. Human touch)

Area 1: The air adventures of Biggles. Episodes 821-822. Desert broom. Episodes 38-39
(The air adventures of Biggles ; episodes 821-822. Desert broom ; episodes 38-39)
(Radio transcription disc with two consecutive episodes of a subseries within a series )

6.H.2.Based on AACR2 1.6H2

See also: 6.A.1 If the subseries has an alphabetic or numeric designation and no title, give the designation.

Area 1: Music for amplified toy pianos
(Works for piano, toy piano & prepared piano. 1944-1960 ; vol. 3)

If such a subseries has a title as well as a designation, give the title after the designation, and precede the title by a comma and a space.

(Viewmaster science series. 4, Physics)

6.H.3.AACR2 1.6H3

Give parallel titles, other title information, and statements of responsibility relating to subseries as instructed in 6.C, 6.D, and 6.E.

6.H.4. Based on AACR2 1.6H4

See also: 6.F Give the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN ) of a subseries if there is such a number. In that case, omit the ISSN of the main series. Precede the ISSN with a comma, space.

(Janua linguarum. Series maior, ISSN 0075-3114)
(Janua linguarum, ISSN 0446-4796. Series maior, ISSN 0075-3114)

6.H.5. AACR2 1.6H5

Give the numbering within a subseries as instructed in 6.G.

Area 1: Naga-uta "Urashima"
(Music of the Orient. Japan ; 1-2)

Area 1:Sonater for orgel
(Musica prae classica. Das Orgelwerk ; Folge 5)

Area 1:Josef Strauss
(Die goldene Zeit der Wiener Musik ; III. Die grosse Zeit des Wiener Walzers ; 2)

Area 1: Die Zeitung
(Der Kurztext in der Morgenmusik. Human touch II / Uwe Koschel ; written by Andreas Reikowski ; 5)