PrestoPRIME Digital Preservation Workshop

26 Nov 2010
London, GB

London, 26 November 2010

PrestoPRIME Digital Preservation Workshop

BBC R&D South Lab, Centre House, 56 Wood Lane London W12 7SB, UK

Digital preservation workshop London 26 November PrestoPRIME

We're all producing audiovisual files, but has anyone ever seen one? Where do they live? Can you point to one? Will you flip a switch or click on an icon and find nothing but a puff of smoke, or an error message? Do you know about the encoding and metadata inside the file, and the wrapper around it all? Do you know how to deal with 'compression' (data reduction) - when to avoid it, how to live with it, how to escape it, and what the roadmap is for your own audiovisual files?


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