1/4" Audio Heads finally discontinued - last call for production

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Posting this as courtesy to Studer Replayer - owners:

In 2012 - just for security measures, in case that clients would not want to order 30 pieces in one Go from the provider, NOA has put on stock 10 NEW pieces of butterfly heads compatible to
- Studer A807MK1
- Studer A807MK2
- Studer A810
possibly compatible also to other Studer machines.

Now we got a call from our provider AM.Belgium, saying that they have issued a last call for these kind of MuMetal heads, as their employees are going to retire mid/end of 2013.

We would like to offer by this means to coordinate eventual needs from sound archives all around the world.

The list price of Studer - if you ever find them on stock - are between 1200 - 1700,- EUR for a replay head, from what we were told.

AMBelgium is manufacturing the heads since years for STUDER, so they have in parallel also started to offer these heads under their own production.

The AMBelgium heads - made of MuMetal with excellent replay behaviour - do have a cost of around 550 - 700,- EUR p.p. (NOA price for archives)

Giving the fact that (according to Jan Indeku) AMBelgium will stop their production, and that a minimum order of 30 heads might not be suitable for smaller archives - NOA will issue a last order for it´s own stock - and invites archives to send orders to c.kummer@noa-audio.com, in case you are in need of heads.

Orders can only be taken into account if they arrive in writing until 31.1. 2013.

Please see that not as an advertisement, but just as a courtesy to the archive world.


There might be a need also for
- 2mm separation track heads
and also
- 1/4" 4-track heads.
if you have requests for those - we are trying to see whether this would make sense as well.

Final Specs are available now - we still are searching for 1/4" 4-track orders. Please contact me for more details under c.kummer@noa-audio.com