textural sound classification project: call for contributions

[from Thomas Grill]

Dear colleagues,
(apologies for cross-posting)

together with colleagues at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) I'm currently pursuing a research project which tries to link subjective qualities of sound perception (so called personal constructs) to computable parameters describing audio signals (audio descriptors). The ultimate goal is to build musical interfaces that enable browsing through large sound archives by using intuitive notions for sound qualities instead of technical parameters.

If you want to help us on this endeavor you are kindly invited to direct your web browser to the online form


to grade some randomly chosen textural sounds in regard to qualities that have been identified as meaningful and universal in a previous phase of the project.

The form is available in English or German – use the language you are more comfortable with. You can pause and restart the grading process as you like – grading one sound takes about a minute.

For statistical reasons you should at least grade 15 sounds - however, as there are 100 sounds available, you don't necessarily have to stop at this number.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

all the best, Thomas