IASA journal Nos. 11-15

IASA Journal No 11, 1998

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  • Digital mass storage system in radio sound archives: a rising tendency?
    Per Hoist
  • Der "ewige Datensatz" oder: Löst Digitalisierung wirklich alle Archivprobleme?
    Frank Rainer Huck
  • Audiovisual resource discovery on the web
    Chris Clark
  • Fonoteca de la Biblioteca Catalunya
    Margarida Estanyol et al.
  • The composer as sound archivist: a glimpse into the studio methods of Karlheinz Stockhausen
    Chris Clark
  • Policy guidelines for the legal deposit of sound recordings
    IASA National Archives Committee
  • Copyright and legal deposit in Uruguay
    Graciela Dacosta
  • Board Charts (Sven Allerstrand, Mark Jones)

IASA Journal No 12, January 1999

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  • Concept for the integration of audiovisual matters into IASA's scope
  • World-wide access to audio-visual documents: UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme
    Philippe Quéau
  • Access to audio via Internet
    David De Roure
  • The EU Copyright Directive: harmony or disharmony?
    Sandy Norman
  • Our culture, our future: aboriginal people speak out about copyright reform
    Grace Koch
  • Droit d'auteur et mise à disposition des documents patrimoniaux sur réseau
    Valérie Game
  • The National Archives of Zimbabwe's audio-visual archives collection
    Sarudzayi Elizabeth Chifamba
  • Board Charts (Martin Elste)

IASA Journal No 13, 1999

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  • Soundscape studies: outlines of a growing research field
    Justin Winker
  • Le Département des collections audiovisuelles du Centre historique des Archives Nationales
    Agnès Callu
  • Bringing new life to archives: oral history, sound archives and accessibility
    Robert B Perks
  • Linguistic Databases: a Link between Archives and Users
    Tjeerd de Graaf
  • Projects VOCS and SIRANAU: when culture and technique collaborate to improve access to the audio(visual) heritage of Switzerland
    Franҫoise Simonet Chatton
  • Musicologie, analyse et enregistrement sonore
    Gianfranco Vinay
  • A note on the Institute's pre-history
    Patrick Saul

IASA Journal No 14

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  • Keynote address to the IASA Annual Conference
    Rolf Schuursma
  • The Austrian situation today
    Rainer Hubert
  • Perspective of the present and future situation of sound and audiovisual broadcasting archives in Germany: a personal view
    Ulf Scharlau
  • Sources of early ethnographic recordings in Australia
    Grace Koch
  • Between digitisation and mass storage: system structures in digital archives
    Stefan Hoffmann
  • Minidisc for field recording? Applying archiving principles to data gathering
    Dietrich Schüller
  • The IASA Cataloguing Rules: a manual for the description of sound recordings and related audiovisual media
    Mary Miliano
  • Fifty years at the service of Cuban music
    Rolando Delgado Miranda
  • Board Charts (Pekka Gronow)

IASA Journal No 15, 2000

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  • Showing Your Workings ­ artists in the sound archive
    Toby Oakes
  • Impact of the recording industry on Hindustani classical music in the last hundred years
    Suman Ghosh
  • Digital chaos and professional standards
    Crispin Jewitt
  • Audio-visual archives ­ some sort of Treasure Island?
    Anke Leenings
  • Prolegomena to a new scientific discipline: musical discography and ideography
    Carlo Marinelli
  • The Millennium Memory Bank: a test case in archival collaboration
    Rob Perks
  • Das Russische Staatsarchiv für Tondokumente
    Maria M. Alchutowa
  • Board Charts (Maria Carla Cavagnis Sotgiu)