IASA journal Nos. 16-20

IASA journal No 16

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  • Editorial
  • President's letter
  • Communication in the 3rd millennium - AV archives and the web
    Trond Valberg
  • Recent developments in standards for archival description and metadata
    Adrian Cunningham
  • The application of preservation metadata to digital objects
    Kevin Bradley and Deborah Woodyard
  • A framework for the harmonization of multimedia metadata models
    Jane Hunter
  • 'Personal' Digital Mass Storage Systems - a viable solution for small institutions and developing countries
    Dietrich Schuller
  • Factors affecting the management of sound archives at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation
    Timothy Tapfumaneyi
  • Von FIP zu IASA (1967-1969): Episoden der Geburt der Internationalen Vereinigung Der Schallarchive
    Israel Adler
  • Report From South Africa
    Rob Perks
  • Martin Elste: Meilensteine der Bach-Interpretation 1750-2000. Eine Werkgeschichte im Wandel
  • Sound Documents from the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences The Complete Historical Collections 1899-1950
  • Buchele, Christian; Helga Konig & Cordula Schutz: Die historischen Tontrager der Universitatsbibliothek Eichstatt
  • Monika Wolf: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. Verzeichnis der Tonaufnahmen
  • Jerome F. Weber: Schubert's Great C Major Symphony, D.944.

IASA journal No 17

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  • Editorial
  • President's letter
  • iasa policy statement on national discography
  • iasa policy guidelines on copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • Recovering the sound from the Rivonia Trial
    Adrian Tuddenham, Peter Copeland and Nigel Bewley
  • The Broadcast Wave Format
    Richard Wright
  • Prioritising for migration to digital formats in television archives
    Catherine Lacken
  • Expectations and realities: challenges to research archives
    Grace Koch
  • The Audio-visual department of the National and University Library of Iceland: the first five years
    Anna Jensdóttir
  • 'I sing the body electric' - Music and Technology in the 20th Century
  • Trémine, René: Hermann Scherchen. A discography.
  • Pandora's Drums - transfers from cylinders by Joe Pengelly
  • Real accents: UK regional and overseas
  • Board Charts: Crispin Jewitt

IASA journal No 18

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  • Editorial
  • President's letter
  • African Renaissance - a call to reality: South African archives
    Ilse Assmann
  • Collecting principles and their obstacles- or: how to collect nothing
    Gisa Jahnichen
  • TV news as a source of history. What do yesterday's televised news bulletins tell us about the past?
    Hans Fredrik Dahl
  • Planning the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center
    Samuel Brylawski, Mary R. Bucknum, Bryan Cornell and Janet McKee
  • Radio days: preserving 75 years of Irish Radio
    John McDonough
  • A personal review of thirty years of IASA (1969-1999)
    Ulf Scharlau
  • Von FIP zu IASA (1967-1969): Episoden der Geburt der Internationalen Vereinigung der Schallarchive
    Israel Adler
  • Timothy Day. A century of Recorded Music: Listening to Musical History
  • Allan Sutton and Kurt Nauck. American Records and Companies - an Encyclopedia (1891-1943)
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Board Charts: Vice-President John Spence

IASA journal No 19

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  • Editorial
  • President's letter
  • Some guidelines for the preservation of video recordings
    Lars Gaustad
  • Preservation strategies at SWR's Television Archives
    Catherine Lacken
  • Classical music in sound archives
    Timothy Day
  • Voices from the past, voices for the future: the sound collection of the Archives of Latvian Folklore
    Aldis Putelis
  • The Phonoteque and Archives as resources for the study of languages and traditions
    Yvette Jiménez de Báez
  • Sound heritage in Australia and beyond
    Ray Edmondson
  • Lessig, Lawrence. The future of ideas
  • Kutsch, K. J. & Leo Riemens: Großes Sängerlexikon.
  • Dritte erweiterte Auflage.
  • (Not the) Board Charts: Noel Sidebottom

IASA journal No 20, December 2002

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  • Editorial
  • President's letter
  • Do they mean us as well? Managing Knowledge as a Digital Asset
    Keynote address to the IASA Conference, Aarhus, 2002
    Chris Clark
  • Digitisation and Digital Asset Preservation at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France
    Alain Carou
  • The Challenge of Rights Management Research-Generated Recordings
    Anthony Seeger
  • Selection Criteria for Archiving Radio and Television Programmes - The Danish experience
    Harald v. Hielmcrone
  • Long life to History and Audiovisual Technology!
    Saúl Maté-Cid
  • The MusicAustralia Project
    ScreenSound Australia, the National Screen and Sound Archive
    Sonia Gherdevich and lan Gilmour
  • Survey
  • Dams & Digitisation Preparedness
    John Spence
  • Board Charts IASA President Kurt Degellar