9.1.5 Outsourcing  Whenever material is outsourced for the purpose of signal extraction, especially to private entrepreneurs, it is important to accurately define the tasks to be fulfilled. This is best achieved by specifying the standards provided by IASA in these Guidelines as part of the contract.  When outsourcing any audio processes it is essential to establish a quality control system that provides a high level of assurance that all contracted work has been carried out appropriately. Such measures should be based on stringent delivery of preservation metadata, accompanied by tests of randomly chosen samples, including unannounced visits at service providers and testing of the transfer equipment. Specific attention should be given to test the automated and manual quality control systems established by the supplier, their capacity to manage long term contracts through the use of project management methodology, experience with similar contracts and with specific carriers, equipment maintenance, and finally the balance between cost and quality. Before the start of the production level digitisation phase specific small tests should be performed to ensure all aspects of the process meet criteria before commencing to process on a larger scale.  It is a responsibility of a sound archive to manage and control access to its collections in accordance with any legal, moral or ethical constraints which are associated with the content: Outsourcing the processes does not allow the archive to abrogate its responsibilities in this matter. When archival material is given to a third party to undertake any audio processes it is necessary to define in contract the restrictions under which the service provider must operate. For commercial copyright material the legal limitations are probably described in law and can be referred to. Where privacy or other ethical rights are of concern, these should be defined and the service provider should acknowledge their agreement to comply. It is also important to specify how and when copies will be eliminated from the contractor’s storage system when their responsibility comes to an end and the material and content is returned to the owners or archive.