IASA Elections 2014

To all IASA Members:          

2014 is an election year for the IASA Executive Board.

As stated in the constitution: “The Executive Board shall be elected by the members of the Association. Any member in good standing shall be eligible to stand for election.” - See more at: and further details about the Executive Board elections

IASA re-born under a new constitution

As announced by IASA President Jacqueline von Arb this morning at the annual conference in New Delhi, India, IASA's new constitution formally came into effect today, following a near unanimous 'thumbs-up' to the new rules in a postal vote among the membership earlier this year. So the 'old IASA' was dissolved and 'new IASA' created.

For further information about the change, see:

The new IASA constitution is accepted!

It is my honor and privilege to announce that the new constitution has been accepted with a resounding YES!

Of those who voted, more than 99% voted for the adoption of the new constitution, less than 1% voted against it.

This result clearly tells us that the work of the past few years that went into developing the constitution, sharing it and debating it with the membership has resulted in this version that now has the full support.

IASA 2011 elections

Dear IASA member!

The year 2011 is election year for IASA.

The Nominating Committee hereby invites nominations for the following Board positions:

  • President
  • Three Vice-Presidents
  • Editor
  • Secretary-General
  • Treasurer

Please observe that all nominations must include proposer, seconder and name of nominee together with the office for which he/she is being nominated.

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