41st Annual IASA Conference: call for papers

Together for a sound vision

2- 6 November, Philadelphia, USA

The sound, audiovisual and moving image collections of the world have grown in response to the varied needs of their collectors, creators and users, and reflect the diversity of their owners, curators and managers. There is much about these sound and moving image archives that is unique and specific only to those formats or collections. However, there is an even greater range of issues and concerns that all share in common, where convergence is a possibility, standards are communicated and mutual solutions are shared. This conference will be a forum to investigate and discuss all these issues, and many more besides.

New notices from ARSC

Notices recently in from the ARSC's Outreach Committee: Announcement of the recipients of the 2009 ARSC Preservation Grant Award; Research Grant Program deadine date given; Invitation to nominate candidates for the 2010 ARSC Awards for Excellence; Deadline reminder for submission of abstracts for the 2010 ARSC Conference; Announcement of 2009 ARSC Awards.



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