IASA journal No 35, June 2010

  1. Editorial
  2. President’s Letter
  3. Tribute: Penelope Eckersley (1920 - 2010)
    Rolf Schuursma
  4. Alternative system for non-commercial use of intellectual property in consideration of free P2P file-sharing
    Dionysia Kallinikou, Athens Law School, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens; Marinos Papadopoulos J.D., M.Sc., Attorney-at-Law (Athens Bar Association); Alexandra Kaponi, LL.M., Attorney-at-Law (Athens Bar Association); Vassiliki Strakantouna M.Sc. Athens Law School, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.
  5. Music information: towards a converging view of physical, digital and temporal resources
    Michael Fingerhut, Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique (IRCAM), France
  6. Semantic BRICKS for performing arts archives and dissemination
    Erik Mannens, Sam Coppens, Rik Van de Walle, IBBT-UGent-MMLab, Ghent, Belgium
  7. Opening the archive — online access and rights management
    Ingrid Finnane, National Library of Australia
  8. Armonique: a framework for web audio archiving, searching, and metadata extraction
    Bill Manaris , J.R. Armstrong, Thomas Zalonis, Computer Science Department, College of Charleston and Dwight Krehbiel, Psychology Department, Bethel College, USA
  9. Overview of the ARC and the Muslim Music Crash Course (MMCC)
    B. George, ARChive of Contemporary Music, New York, USA
  10. Archiving traditional cultures: intellectual property implications
    Brigitte Vezina
  11. The VIDI-Video semantic video search engine
    Marco Bertini, Università di Firenze, Italy, Marco Rendine, Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale, Italy
  12. Digitisation of research sound collections: practical application of IASA Guidelines in small-scale digitisation projects
    Nadja Wallaszkovits, Vienna Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences

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