IASA journal No 36, January 2011

  1. Editorial & President’s Letter
  2. Before convergence was divergence: putting Humpty Dumpty back together again
    Anthony Seeger, UCLA
  3. A new system for the surveillance of analogue playback devices
    Timo Meyer and Jörg Houpert, Cube-Tec International GmbH, Bremen, Germany
  4. Video digitization at the Austrian Mediathek
    Herman Lewetz, Austian Mediathek
  5. TELEMATA: an audio Content Management System for the Web
    Joséphine Simonnot, research engineer, CNRS, Research Centre for Ethnomusicology
  6. The CNRS — Musée de l’Homme audio archives: a short introduction
    Aude Julien Da Cruz Lima, Centre de Recherche en Ethnomusicologie (Research Center for Ethnomusicology, CREM-LESC-CNRS, France)
  7. Hathi Trust and the challenge of digital audio
    Shane Beers and Bria Parker, University of Michigan, USA
  8. The UK SoundMap: an audio crowdsourcing experiment
    Richard Ranft, Head of Sound & Vision, The British Library
  9. Book review: Alan Boulanger — John Cowley — Marc Monneray. La Musique antillaise en France. Discographie 1929 — 1959. French-Caribbean Music in France. A discography 1929 — 1959. AFAS — LAMÈCA, Guadeloupe 2008
    Pekka Gronow, University of Helsinki

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