41st Annual IASA Conference: call for papers

Together for a sound vision

2- 6 November, Philadelphia, USA

The sound, audiovisual and moving image collections of the world have grown in response to the varied needs of their collectors, creators and users, and reflect the diversity of their owners, curators and managers. There is much about these sound and moving image archives that is unique and specific only to those formats or collections. However, there is an even greater range of issues and concerns that all share in common, where convergence is a possibility, standards are communicated and mutual solutions are shared. This conference will be a forum to investigate and discuss all these issues, and many more besides.

Rolf Schuursma commemorates Penelope Eckersley

Dear IASA members
On Wednesday January 20, 2010, Penelope Eckersley died. Those of us who helped found IASA or joined the small group of pioneers in its early days, vividly remember her and her husband Timothy, IASA’s second President. Tim was instrumental in bringing the organisation out of its infant state into an International Association in its own right. During this period it was Pen who added a special flavour to the many meetings and dinners in their lovely house at 72 Westbourne Park Road. She was a gracious host and a good friend for all of us who frequented ‘72’ in that period, as well as later when Tim was Vice-President and also acted as co-editor of the Phonographic Bulletin. In September 2001, during the IASA Annual Meeting in London, many years after Tim passed away, some of us once more enjoyed Pen’s hospitality for a charming dinner party at ‘72’. With her death this part of IASA’s history has now come to a closure. We fondly remember Pen and Tim and wish their children well.

Messages of sympathy may be sent to Toby Eckersley at

Rolf Schuursma


New notices from ARSC


The ARSC Preservation Grants Committee is pleased to announce the recipient of the Grant for Preservation of Classical Music Historical Recordings. The program for these grants was founded in 2004 by Al Schlachtmeyer and the ARSC Board of Directors, to encourage and support the preservation of historically significant sound recordings of Western Art Music by individuals and organizations.

--- The Detroit Symphony Orchestra ---

Obituary - Professor Israel Adler

The Music Department and Sound Archive of the National Library of Israel regrets to announce the death of Prof. Israel Adler, 84, musicologist, founder of the National Sound Archives of the National Library of Israel, founder and former director of the Jewish Music Research Centre of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and one of the co-founders of IASA. Prof. Adler passed away on Monday, 17 August, 2009. He is survived by his wife, Michelle, a son and daughter in-law and grandchildren.



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