Presentación del libro El archivo ágil

La Red Iberoamericana de Preservación Digital de Archivos Sonoros y Audiovisuales (RIPDASA) inicia sus activiades en 2021, con la presentación de la versión en español del libro El archivo ágil de Annemieke de Jong.
Los invitamos para que nos acompañen  el próximo 23 de marzo a las 12:00 h CDMX y 18:00 h GMT.

Preserving Africa's Audio-Visual Media Assets

Broadcast media organisations are custodians of social-cultural experiences captured in audio-visual content. And as broadcasting platforms turns digital, there is the urgent need for legacy audio-visual content to be appropriately preserved for the benefit of society both presently and in the future.

”A Call for Help” – Collecting obsolete equipment and playback devices

24 Mar 2021

It is widely known that obsolete playback devices, specifically those for magnetic media, are getting harder to find in good working condition. Declining maintenance knowledge as well as a scarce market of spare parts is also a factor that is put to play here. Neither is easily found. In late 2019 The Swedish National Archives made an appeal to the public, asking if there was someone, somewhere out there sitting on obsolete equipment, merely collecting dust and no longer of personal use, and was willing to donate it.


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