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Library of Congress announces National Recording Preservation Plan

The USA's Library of Congress today unveiled "The Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Plan," a blueprint for saving America’s recorded sound heritage for future generations. The congressionally mandated plan spells out 32 short- and long-term recommendations involving both the public and private sectors and covering infrastructure, preservation, access, education and policy strategies.

Sound recordings are older than you think...

A fascinating account of Indiana University researcher Patrick Feaster's "paleospectrophony", his term for creating sounds from written records containing audio transcriptions, as far back as Athanasius Kircher's well known Musurgia Universalis (published 1650) and even earlier, is in his book and CD published last year Pictures Of Sound: One Thousand Years Of Educed Audio: 980-1980

TC-04 Now Available for Order

TC-04 is now available for order via the IASA webcart. Please visit for more order info.


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